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Server move Monday 21. of June 2010 Age: 8 yrs

The site is moving to a new hardware on 26 June 2010. We'll try to keep the impact to a minimum, but please bear with us if things go south. NWNX.ORG will recover eventually :-)


Update: Server move complete !


By: Papillon

21-06-10 18:58
NWNX4 1.09 released Sunday 05. of October 2008 Age: 10 yrs

New version ready to download! The changes are:


* Detours instead of macodehook hooking method

* MySQL: SCORCO (store and retrieve campaign object) functions

* MySQL: Automatic reconnect

* Graceful shutdown feature



05-10-08 12:05

NWNX4 1.08 final(ly) released Saturday 14. of July 2007 Age: 11 yrs

I'm happy to announce the first stable version of NWNX4. It now uses the new scripting functions that Obsidian Entertainment generously added for us, which makes it the fastest and nicest NWNX ever. The documentation has been updated as well, to get new users up and running with less pain and more f...


14-07-07 11:11

Obsidian announces NWNX script functions Friday 23. of February 2007 Age: 11 yrs

Rob McGinnis recently posted the changelog for NWN2 1.05, which includes new scripting functions especially for NWNX4 !

Here is the link to the...


23-02-07 10:27

NWNX4 now beta! Saturday 27. of January 2007 Age: 11 yrs

Version 7 of the NWNX prototype was declared beta today !

The new version now includes a GUI, demo modules, new logging option, important bugfixes, upgrade to current SQLite library, and changes to how locations are stored.


As usual the newest version is available in the


27-01-07 22:38

NWNX4 progress update Saturday 02. of December 2006 Age: 11 yrs

Version 6 of the prototype is available !


New features include improved restart functionality, running batch file on restart, database dependent escaping of special characters, and support for multi-resultset statements + stored procedures in MySQL.

As usual the newest version if available in t...


02-12-06 18:48

NWNX4 progress update Sunday 26. of November 2006 Age: 11 yrs

Another weekend, another upgrade to NWNX4!

NWNX4 is about to leave to prototype stadium. The current update includes the process and gamespy watchdogs, which take care of the server's health, and a totally new way to run NWNX: Service mode. This enables server operators to run NWNX as a W...


26-11-06 19:15

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