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NWNX VaultSter Alpha released! Wednesday 12. of January 2005 Age: 13 yrs

NWNX VaultSter 1.4 (ALPHA) has just been released to the public! With this new version linux support was added and some other features (see docs).

Notice though that this release is not backwards compatible due to some coding limitations! When upgrading to this ver...


By: Jeroen Broekhuizen

12-01-05 16:13

NWNX ODBC2 Object Storage Engine Friday 07. of January 2005 Age: 13 yrs

We are pleased to announce the latest and greatest feature in Neverwinter Nights SQL Database connectivity: Support for persistent object storage !


By: Papillon

07-01-05 23:24

NWNX ODBC2 version 0.8.8 released Monday 03. of January 2005 Age: 13 yrs

I just released version 0.8.8 containing some bugfixes. Fixes include failure at load and correct naming of variables.


By: JeroenB

03-01-05 09:33

NWNX ODBC2 Alpha plugin released Saturday 01. of January 2005 Age: 13 yrs

Finally the ALPHA version of the newest NWNX ODBC plugin is released. Read the 'readme.html' file before installing this version on your system.



There has been a slight modification in the source and documentation regarding the ODBC part. The source now must be ODBC or MYSQL (not case sens...


By: Jeroen

01-01-05 12:30

New Forum Tuesday 28. of December 2004 Age: 13 yrs

Forum switched over to phpBB2 !


By: Papillon

28-12-04 20:34

Download section updated Sunday 26. of December 2004 Age: 13 yrs

The download section has been updated. NWNX has been split up into a main program and the NWNX modules, each available as separate downloads.


By: Papillon

26-12-04 14:10

Website online Saturday 18. of December 2004 Age: 13 yrs

Finally, NWNX has it's own website !


By: Papillon

18-12-04 11:30

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