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nwnx.org on the move Sunday 26. of November 2006 Age: 11 yrs

nwnx.org is moving to a new home in the next few days. We'll try to make the transition as smooth as possible.


26-11-06 19:09
NWNX4 progress update Saturday 18. of November 2006 Age: 12 yrs

NWNX4 is making good progress ! As of today, there are two types of database plugins (SQLite and MySQL), and a nifty Timer plugin for accurate performance measures. There are lots of huge and small improvements everywhere, so don't miss the chance to get it while it's hot ;)


18-11-06 20:42

NWNX4 Prototype available Sunday 05. of November 2006 Age: 12 yrs

Two days after NWN2 hit the stores in Europe, the first prototype of NWNX4 is publicly available !


Please refer to this thread for more information: Prototype download



05-11-06 19:11

New development forum Wednesday 13. of September 2006 Age: 12 yrs

I created a new forum for NWNX4 development today and moved some of the threads that were already cluttering up the older forums over there.


Depending on the volume of posts on NWNX4, there might as well be some general and user related N...


13-09-06 23:45

NWNX4 news Saturday 09. of September 2006 Age: 12 yrs

While I am not attending the Bioware forums on a daily basis, I couldn't help to notice a certain amount of confusion and uncertainty among PW developers regarding the availablility of NWNX for Neverwinter Nights 2.


This is the current status:


1) I have a clear statement from Obsidian: They wa...


09-09-06 14:34

Neverwinter Nights Extender 4 for NWN2 Sunday 23. of April 2006 Age: 12 yrs

Development of the new version of the successful Neverwinter Nights Extender has started !


Add your ideas to the wishlist, and your name to the developer call if you wish to help with programming and tutorials ! The...


23-04-06 10:54

New Plugin: Resource Manager Sunday 29. of May 2005 Age: 13 yrs

This is an experimental plugin which makes it possible to load resources like scripts, items, and creatures from a directory on your harddisk - while the server is running. You can modify these external resources on the fly and the server will load them dynamically.


Warning: Not for the faint of ...


By: Papillon

29-05-05 11:29

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