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ODBC2 declared stable Friday 13. of May 2005 Age: 13 yrs

After an extended beta test phase, we are glad to be able to officially declare the ODBC2 plugin as stable ! Since the current version has been released in early February, no bugs or apparent problems have been reported or noticed on various servers, including the Avlis live servers.


This means t...


By: Papillon

13-05-05 18:42

First tutorial of development series! Thursday 24. of March 2005 Age: 13 yrs

Today I released the first tutorial in a development series in which I will try to explain how you can write your custom plugin from scratch. You can read this tutorial here.

In this first tutorial you will make a simple plugin that enables NWScript to use linked lists. Sample ...


By: JeroenB

24-03-05 12:02

VaultSter Beta release! Wednesday 09. of February 2005 Age: 13 yrs

Windows Vaultster has been released as Beta! Bug fixes are done and more extensive test have made this plugin more stable and NWNX 2.60 or higher compatible (Support for nwnx.ini). See the forums for more information.

Special thanks to Sindol and Alustriel for helping me testing this plugin!


By: JeroenB

09-02-05 10:11
Website move Wednesday 26. of January 2005 Age: 13 yrs

nwnx.org moves to a new server in the next few days. I will try to make the transition as smooth as possible, but a certain downtime can not be avoided. There will be a short time span where the forum will be closed as well. Update: Move completed!


By: Papillon

26-01-05 18:14

NWNX 2.61 and ODBC2 0.9.2 Saturday 15. of January 2005 Age: 13 yrs

And here we go again... two new features:

* RestartDelay parameter in NWNX2, as requested on the forum

* ODBC2 now has its own internal database ! SQLite is the third database option offered in this module, offering unparalleled ease of setup: none ! zero configuration. Perfect for people starting...


By: Papillon

15-01-05 19:50

NWNX 2.60 with INI file support Thursday 13. of January 2005 Age: 13 yrs

Note: Check out the news section every now and then. The news items are pouring in so fast right now, you might miss one !


NWNX version 2.60, ODBC2 0.91, and the Profiler 1.60 all support the new NWNX.INI file. With this file, most parameters of NWNX and its plugins can be set permanently, withou...


By: Papillon

13-01-05 20:46

Talus Listener ported to NWNX plugin! Thursday 13. of January 2005 Age: 13 yrs

As from today on there is no need to run the external program Talus Listener of Lanthar anymore. The new NWNX Speech plugin provides the same functionality as the orginal program (with a small exception that direct MySQL connections are now supported too). You still have to install Lanthars package ...


By: Jeroen

13-01-05 13:39

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