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About NWNX

NWNX enhances the dedicated server with new functionality.

It achieves this with a neat trick called instrumentation. What this means is, that NWNX attaches itself to certain scripting functions and is able to manipulate their results. It thus creates a well defined interface between the closed NWN world and countless external systems, which can be used to do things like accessing SQL database servers, use other programming languages, connect to web services, and many others.

Right now, you can use MySQL and SQLite databases for your persistent variables. SQLite is one of the databases that will be supported by NWNX4, which requires no installation or configuration. It doesn't get easier than that.

NWNX is...

* supported: Through our forums and an active community, questions find an appropriate answer.

* installed only on the server. Players connect just like before without extra downloads.

* open source: Should I be struck by lightning tomorrow, the community can take over development if necessary

* reliable: Even with all the patches NWN1 went through, NWNX never failed and needed no change for nearly four years now.

* independent: It is being made for the community and thus covers a broad spectrum of functionality

* extensible: Through plugins, third party developers can easily add their own functionality.

* efficient: NWNX costs no extra performance and causes no lag