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creature possession

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 29, 2018 22:04    Post subject: creature possession Reply with quote

once again, this subject raises its sticky ugly head... Very Happy

does anyone know what the state of development is for nwnx possession routines on linux ? apparently, axs was working on such a project, but i can't find any sort of finished release for this. i know both baaleos and shadooow were working on possession, but in the windoze domain.

here's my problem in a nutshell. i'd like to rework familiars to allow the use of custom feats & skills, level progression [if possible], and allow a certain level of customisation by the player. the standard bioware system fails for me for because
- there's no way to circumvent dismissal of the familiar at player level-up
- there's currently no handler to catch the player-initiated 'dismiss familiar' event
- custom feats aren't working correctly [even when they are in the 'henchman' version, see below]
- creating 40 new templates per familiar is tedious and error-prone

this is an easy thing to do by summoning familiars as henchmen and writing a few packages for level-up. this approach works fine for animal companions, but fails for familiars because familiars then can't be possessed.

the whole SummonFamiliar() thing is too much of a black box. if no extension is currently available in nwnx, could anyone tell me what actually goes on inside that black box ? i.e., which specific parts of the code determine template choice, set up the familiar radial menu, set up possession, etc. ? and, more importantly, if there could be some way to 'break it down' into smaller pieces, or make parts of it accessible via nwscript ?
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