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This page hosts the official documentation of NWNX and various plugins.

Please note that NWNX2 (for NWN1) and NWNX4 (for NWN2) are separate programs. Each comes with it's own set of documentation and downloadable files:


About NWNX4
Installing NWNX4

Not part of the official docs, but maybe interesting:

Prototype download: Forum thread
How to run NWNX4 as a service: Forum thread
Installation/Tips/Howto to Nwnx4 Prototype 1.05: Forum thread
Timer plugin: This plugin implements a simple, yet highly accurate timer


NWNX: Documentation for the main program
Installing NWNX on Linux: Linux installation procedure
ODBC2: Documentation for the new unified database connectivity plugin
Profiler: Documentation for the NWNX Profiler, a performance tuning utility
Hashset: Documentation for the Hashsets data structure
Functions: Documentation for the experimental Functions module
Speech: Documentation for the speech plugin (based on Talus Listener)
VaultSTER: Documentation for the Vaultster plugin
Tutorial 1: Creating a custom NWNX2 plugin from scratch